Refractory Bio-Soluble Fiber Paper

Refractory Bio-Soluble Fiber Paper Super Manufacturer: Refractory Bio-Soluble Fiber Paper, Excellent Flexible and Easy to Wrap, Shape and Cut.
Model: SPE -STZ.
Super Bio-soluble fiber paper is made from Super bio-soluble fiber bulk (BioFiber ALT) with mixing of inorganic bond, little organic glue which is selected scientifically and controlled strictly.The Bio-soluble fiber paper is produced by vacuum forming technics. Our modern production technics works under the full automatic control. According to the different technics,Super bio-soluble fiber paper include organic paper and inorganic paper. The Bio-soluble fiber paper is the idea materials for producing high-temperature gasket, seal and heat insulation. In the process of heating application, the organic binder will be volatilized at the temperature 250-350℃, after volatilization, the paper is pure white. Our Bio-soluble fiber paper satisfies the Europe Directive 97/69/EC.

The classification temperature(℃): 1050,1260.

* Excellent flexbility,smooth furface and easy to wrap,shape and cut.
* Excellent thermal and chemical stability.
* Low heat storage, low thermal conductivity, low shrinkage, excellent insulation effect.

* High temperature gaskets and seals.
* Expansion Joints.
* Asbestos paper replacement.
* Automotive heat shields and silencer insulation.
* Back-up lining for molten metal transfer system.

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