Japan Holiday Package 14 days

Price: $2,730~
This perfect Japan Holiday package includes 13 nights accommodation, English-speaking guided morning tours in Tokyo and Kyoto, popular Mt Fuji & Hakone 1 day tour and convenient Japan Rail Pass. This package tour also includes many of the must-see spectacles of Japan and is ideal for first time visitors.
The hustle and bustle of modern Tokyo, the rich culture and history of Kyoto and Hiroshima, the tradition and nature in Takayama, and the icon of Japan, Mt Fuji, all rolled into one! History, food, culture, ultra-modern, nature, tradition. Every moment has a new surprise waiting for you and leads you to a succession of discoveries in Japan.

See more details: http://www.japanexplorer.com.au/japan-holiday-packages/classic-explorer/jewels-of-japan-14-days/

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