Price: 99.00
This stylish and simple bench top purifier is for the budget conscious that still require pure fresh filtered awesome water. All materials are food grade BPA free. Complete with an 8 stage filter which is made up of:
1. Pre filter blk/white felt pads (sits inside dome)
2. KDF Media
3. Coconut shell activated carbon with silver
4. Activated alumina reduces toxic substances.
5. Mineralized sterilization ball.
6. 2nd layer activated carbon
7. Bio ceramic infra-Red Balls (also called energy balls)
8. Nanometer anti bacteria ceramic filter plate.
9. Maifan mineral stones.
The purifier produces great tasting mild alkaline pure water. MAIFAN STONE reduces the effects of many heavy metals and increases the PH level of the water to a mildly alkaline level. Fungus algae and bacteria do not thrive in an alkaline environment, but your unit must be away from any reflected sunlight.

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